2021- TE

1. TE 205/2021- ”Arhitecturi inovative de electrocatalizatori din cupru pentru reactia de reducere a CO2”- CuCO2RR, Proj Director Dr. Adriana Balan

2018- PCCDI- Research area -New and emergent technologies

1.  76PCCDI/2018 : Tehnologii eco-inovative de recuperare a grupului de metale platinice din convertorii catalitici auto uzați/Eco innovative technologies for Platinic Group metals recovery from scrapped catalyst– ECOTECH-GMP, Proj Director Dr Serban N Stamatin

2017- STARS &PED

1. PED 73-2017-PEM Fuel cells based on nitrogen doped nanocarbon materials, Proj Director, Dr Isabela Trefilov

2. STAR 134-2017-Thermal buffer based on intelligent phase change materials, Proj Director, Dr Adriana Balan

3. STAR 143-2017- Body energy harvesting and conversion for backup electronic power supplies, Proj Director, Dr George Zarnescu

2014- PNCDI-II

  1. FC-Farm (46/2014),  Surse de energie stationare cu pile de combustie pentru agricultura bio-organica in sere
  2. Food Track (142/2014),  Dispozitiv RFID pentru trasabilitatea alimentara
  3. IPOIDEN ( 75/2014),  Instalatie hibrida pentru potabilizarea apei prin osmoza inversa de presiune scazuta si denitrificarea cu pile de biocombustie a apei reziduale;
  4. SYNTHIAZO ( ctr 210/2014) Synthesis, screening and controlled release of some novel thiazole, bithiazole and thiazolidin-4-one compounds with antioxidant, antiproliferative and antimicrobial activity, coordinator ICSI Rm Valcea,

Romanian Space Agency (ROSA)

  1. FCtoOutSpace ( ctr 15/2012)-Development of an Original Fuel Cell Technology Dedicated to Long Distane Outer Space Manned Missions/ Proiect de cercetare pentru Dezvoltarea unei Tehnologii Originale pentru Celule de Combustie destinate expeditiilor spatiale de lunga durata cu echipaj uman, coordonator /ET Innovative Solutions,
  2. Space coat ( ctr 68/2013) Multilayered inorganic/organic tribological coatings for space applications/Acoperiri tribologice multistrat anorganic/organic pentru aplicatii spatiale, coordinator AEG Progressive S.R.L
  3. Optiflow ( ctr 66/2013) Optimized Flow Architectures for Fuel Cell Bipolar/Unipolar Plates Functioning in Outer Space Conditions, coordinatorET Innovative Solutions,

2011- 2012 PNCDI-II

  1. Qualimeat ( ctr 113/2012):  Fast Evaluation of the Meat Freshness Products, with High Sensitive Spectral Device
  2. IEMFC ( ctr 64/2011): Design of New Advanced Materials for Ionic Electrolile Membrane Fuel Cells Based on Graphenes and Superionic Conductors

Dr A.A Ciucu

  1. PsihoSensor ( ctr 251/2011) : research-summary-report_final-2016_project

 Novel electrochemical micro-biosensors based on bio-catalytical nanostructures used for clinical diagnostic of patients with neuro-psychiatric disease