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Doctoral Studies, Field Physics, specialization in Renewable & Alternative Energy Sources / Studii Doctorale in Surse Regenerabile si Alternative de Energie

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Proposal thematics

  1. Electrochemical energy convertors:  Fuel Cells- advanced nanocatalysts and Membrane Electrode Assembly
  2. Sodium Ion Batteries
  3. Supercapacitors- Laser induced graphene on polyimide
  4. Heat storage- advanced nanocomposite for heat storage and transfer (Phase change materials/ thermal energy storage)
  5. CO2- capture/sequestration conversion
  6. Phocatalysts/photoelectrocatalysts
  7. Materials for hydrogen storage
  8. Materials for electronic packaging
  9. Aerogels/xerogels for nanoEnergy, nanocarbons, graphene, graphene oxide, composites
  10. Synthesis: microwaves, ultrasound, supercritical fluids, sol-gels ( Adams, Pechini, urea route), plasma polymerization
  11. Microbial fuel cells, Green factory: new technologies based on microbial fuel cells, microalgae, biorefinery, supercritical fluids
  12. Chemo/biosensors: environmental applications