Master in Science Program

2012-2014: Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources 2010-2012 Master Programme Graduates

2011-2013: Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources 2011-2013 Master Programme Graduates

  1. Vlad Bordei- Sustainable communities based on renewable energy sources ( case study- Rasnov City)
  2. Catalin Ceaus- Graphene: synthesis in supercritical fluids
  3. Ana Maria Niculescu: The conversion of solar radiation into heat by nanostructured composite polymer membranes / nanoparticles for applications in solar pannels
  4. Laurentiu Popovici- Synthesis and physico-chemical analysis of alumina templates for PEMFC application
  5. Cosmin Popescu-Methods to locate photovoltaic systems on buildings
  6. Andrei Tesileanu- Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell
  7. Dragos Stefan Vantu- Flexible organic solar cells
  8. Paull Dumitru Dutu- Basics in energetic audit
  9. Alexandra Camelia Joita- Physico-chemical investigations on ITO-carbon sandwich structures

2010-2012:Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources 2010-2012 Master Programme Graduates:

  1. Nicoleta Banu – Fe/Fe-C Electrochemical Activity. Fuel Cells Applications
  2. Adrian Done – Test Facility for Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources
  3. Ana-Maria Ducu – Cu-Fe Catalysts
  4. Ciprian Florea – The Role of Small Communities in Promoting Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources
  5. Adrian Marinescu – Robot for Energy Efficiency Classification
  6. Alexandra Marmalichi – Green Roofs
  7. Elena Cristina Serban – Carbon nano-structure supported Co catalysts
  8. Marius Stanescu – Weather Forecast with Sensor Networks
  9. Daniela Veronica Hodojeu- ECO FRIENDLY HOUSE
  10. Ioana Raus-Graphene oxide-synthesis and characterization
  11. Claudiu Ungureanu- Sources for energy stability