• Ultracapacitors & supercapacitors are electricity storage devices in small volume at high charge density ( counted per volume or mass). Electrostatic  double layer & electrochemical supercaps pseudocapacitance are explored in such kind of devices looking for advanced materials with very high specific area and with ability to perform a Faradaic charge transfer via redox reactions at interface electrode-electrolyte ( a well documented “resume” with historical background can be find in
  • Dr Athanasios Tiliakos invented a new method at 3nano-SAE Res Center. Using Laser Induced graphene (LIG) into a polyimide layer He engraved a very large surface into given “2D volume” by approaching a new phylosophy borowed from the fractal science. The Space-Filling Supercapacitor Carpet (SFSC) architecture  is a step ahead where electrical double layer and electrochemical pseudocapacitance are embedded into a fractal geometry.


Further readings

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Dr Athanasios Tiliakos has postdoc position in 3Nano-SAE Res Center where got Phd degree with thesis ” NOVEL MATERIAL ARCHITECTURE FOR ELECTROCHEMICAL ENERGY STORAGE” at Doctoral school in Physics, University of Bucharest