Sodium -ion batteries

2015 – two PhD students from Republic of Iraq were enrolled at University of Bucharest, Doctoral School  in Physics,  nanomaterials for energy sources.battery Na-ion

They developed several experimental setups  for Na-ion batteries:

  • Experimental cells for Na-ion
  • Urea-citric acid sol-gel assisted by self-combustion
  • Pechini method- assisted by microwave sythesis

Mustafa and Muhamad carried out synthesis experiments for  cathodic materials.

Cells are designed in our Prototyping laboratory

OrygaLys – electrochemical potentiostat-galvanostat performed electrochemical characterizations

Supervisors: Dr Ioan Stamatin assited by Dr Serban N Stamatin & Dr Adriana Balan

Mustafa Zaid- thesis project: Advanced Nanomaterials For Electrochemical Energy Convertors: Applications In Batteries And Supercapacitors

Muhammad Altimimi- thesis project: Development of Nanomaterials For Metal Ion Batteries Applications