2 Books & Chapters

2012 ( chapter in books)

  1. A. Andronie (Balan), I. Stamatin, S.Iordache, A. Cucu, S.Stamatin, S.Antohe, Glycerine treatment of poly-perfluorosulphonic acid membrane modified by sulfonamide groups: Glycerine treatment of PFSA-NH membrane  ,NATO Science for Peace and Security Series A: Chemistry and Biology,2012, Pages 227-230

Books & Chapters ( 2008-2001

  1. A.Dumitru, I. Stamatin, S. Grecu , M. Ionescu “PlasmaPolymerization of Thin Films Using Aniline and p-XylenePrecursors”;2001 pp 44-51 In “Frontiers ofHigh Pressure Research II: Application of High Pressure toLow-Dimensional Novel Electronic Materials”, Ed KLUWER, Volume II/48, ( 4pp)
  2. L. Stamatin and I. Stamatin “Bionanocomposites Based on NanocarbonMaterials for Culture Cells Media”, in NanoengineeredNanofibrous Materials, Ed Y. Gogotsi, Kluwer, 2004, Chap 4,Biomedical Applications, pp 289-299
  3. Ioan Stamatin, Adina Morozan, Luminita Stamatin, Anca Dumitru,Prospective Investigations Of Biofuel Cells As Source ForApplications In Nanobiotechnology, in Nanostructured andAdvanced materials for applications in Sensors, Optoelectronic andPhotovoltaic Technology, Ed. A. Vaseashta, D. Dimova Malinovska, J.M. Marshall, 2005 vol204, pp355-358
  4. Iosif Tripsa, D.M. Mihailescu, I. Stefanescu, E. Mamut, Ioan Stamatin,W Kappel,Radu Stefanoiu, Elena Enescu, V. Stanciu, Roxana Lazar,STRATEGIA IMPLEMENTARII HIDROGENULUI SI CELULELOR DE COMBUSTIE INECONOMIA EUROPEANA, ISBN 973-87023-7-2,Chiminform data, Buc 2005,p171
  5. IosifTripsa, D.M. Mihailescu, I. Stefanescu, E. Mamut, Ioan Stamatin,W Kapell,Radu Stefanoiu, Elena Enescu, V. Stanciu, Roxana Lazar,STRATEGIA PENTRU CERECTAREA PRODUCERII HIDROGENULUI SI CELULELOR DECOMBUSTIE, ISBN 973-87023-8-0,Chiminform data, Buc 2005, p201
  6. Ioan Stamatin, “Thermal Phemomena I, Thermodynamic, zeroth & firstlaws, heat transfer & applications” ISBN 973-737-032-5 Ed UB,p 270 , 2005
  7. IoanStamatin, “Nanomaterials: Applications in bio-sensors, energy sources, medicine and biology. Elements of nanotechnology“, (romanian), N/A, 2008 (*)
  8. Ioan Stamatin, “Mass Spectrometry Physico-Structural Analyzing Methods“, (romanian), N/A
(*) Books and Chapters included in the Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources Master Program Bibliography