Multilayer inorganic/organic tribological coatings for space applications/ Acoperiri tribologice multistrat anorganic/organic pentru aplicatii spatiale

Abstract: The purpose of the current project is to assess at the experimental level the utilization of the novel dry lubricant tribological coatings for metallic spacecraft components. SpaceCoat brings together three research groups: a small enterprise (S.C. AEG Progresiv SRL) and two universities (University of Bucharest and Transilvania University Brasov) with extensive research experience in vacuum/plasma depositions techniques and in specific characterization methods. The SpaceCoat proposal brings in a new approach in tribological coatings of the metallic aerospace components: advanced materials enriched with dry lubricants- mono-layers with constant or gradual composition and multi-layers with micrometric, nanometric or superlattice structure with polymer interlayers. Two coating methods will be used: 1) well-proven technologies – magnetron sputtering and plasma depositions; 2) advanced technology – open atmosphere cold plasma nanopowder deposition. The target TRL of this project proposal is TRL3- Analytical and experimental critical function and/or characteristic proof of concept.

Specific objectives:

  1. To evaluate the specific requirments of tribological coatings on movable components for space applications
  2. To optimize a deposition protocol of new tribological coatings: magnetron sputtering and plasma deposition technics.
  3. To develop a new approach in tribological coating by using an alternative open atmosphere cold plasma powder deposition method.
  4. To undertake research studies on tribological coatings of movable components in laboratory conditions.
  5. To evaluate the possibilities to use the achieved knowledge for aerospace or aerocraft movable devices.
  6. To disseminate the results by conference participations, articles in ISI quoted journals and patent application.
  7. To develop institutional capabilities and human resource skills dedicated to applicative research and development of innovative technologies in Romania in the field of tribological coating for space applications.

Espected results:

  • New technological receipt with new materials and new structure for achievement of the tribological coatings on the aerospace components
  • Innovative solution for deposition of the aerospace coatings with new tribological materials with high ware resistance and very low coefficient of friction
  • Practical benefice for the Partners in Project by transferring in production of the resulting technology.

Short presentation: STAR_2014_SpaceCoat

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