Novel electrochemical micro-biosensors (ctr 251/2011)

Novel electrochemical micro-biosensors based on bio-catalytical nanostructures used for clinical diagnostic of patients with neuro-psychiatric diseas

Research summary report 2011-2016: Final report: research-summary-report_final-2016_project

Sursa de finantare:  Unitatea Executiva pentru Finantarea Invatamantului Superior, a Cercetarii, Dezvoltarii si Inovarii (UEFISCDI)

Codul proiectului:   PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0784

Nr de contract:    251/2011

Titlul proiectului:   Novel electrochemical micro-biosensors based on bio-catalytical nanostructures used for clinical diagnostic of patients with neuro-psychiatric diseas

Descrierea proiectului (rezumatul):

The overall objective of the Project is to develop and demonstrate the functionality of new bio-analytical nano-systems based on novel electrochemical micro-biosensors for assessment of neurotransmitters in real clinical samples.

The long-term goal of the proposed work is to establish a novel bioanalytical method based on micro-biosensors, whose surface is made from carbonaceous nano-structured materials (e.g. CNTs) modified with enzymes, electro-catalysts and/or electro-generated polymers, for assessment of neurotransmitters in real biological samples at the concentration level relevant from clinical point of view (10-7-10-9 M) and to demonstrate their applicability in clinical diagnosis of patients presenting different neuro-psychiatric diseases. A second aspect will be the validation of developed analytical methodology.
Another innovative aspect will be the examination of the neurotransmitters role in the neuro-psychiatric diseases (major and bi-polar depression, Parkinson disease; this could be correlated with the possible clinical diagnostics of the patients presenting different neuro-psychiatric disorders based on the data obtained by using the elaborated micro-biosensor and also with an adequate medical treatment.
There will be also explored the possibilities to manufacture biochips or sensor networks based on micro-biosensors for neurotransmitters detection useful in the diagnostic of the depressive and Parkinson conditions affecting part of the human population. The combination of this approach with powerful developments in high-throughput screening, chip technology, and combinatorial chemistry should lead to products that are useful in the diagnosis, prevention, and – with newly identified therapeutic principles – treatment of some neuro-psychiatric diseases.
Echipa de cercetare: Director proiect – prof.dr. Anton Alexandru Ciucu; Membrii:  Conf.dr. Iulia Gabriela David, Medic dr. Adela Ciobanu, Asist. Cercet. Medeea Radulescu, Asist.cercet.drd. Andreea Rabinca, Asist.cercet.dr. Stefan Iordache, Tehn. Irina Trandafir.
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Major objectives of the research in the proposed research Project are:
(1) Design, develop and evaluate new electrochemical micro-biosensors based on carbonaceous materials (e.g. carbon nanotubes-CNTs, fullerene and graphene) whose surface is modified with metallo-phthalocyanines (MPCs), enzymes ((e.g. glucose-oxidase (Gox), cellobiose dehydrogenase (CDH), tyrosinase (Tyr), proxidase (POD) and acetyl-cholinesterase (AChE)) or with electro-generated polymers for assessment of neurotransmitters -experimental laboratory model-;
(2) Initiate, plan and conduct clinical studies for selected patients presenting some neuro-psychiatric diseases (e.g. depression, Parkinson disease, etc) in order to establish a clinical diagnostic;
(3) Identify and discuss biomarker targets (like neurotransmitters) that could be useful in either diagnostics or therapeutic settings of brain disorders;
(4) Elaboration of complex surface analysis and characterization methods ((scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM), FTIR, SERS, impedance spectroscopy and surface plasmon resonance (SPR)) for the modified nano-structured materials surfaces;
(5) Optimization of the construction technology for the experimental laboratory model of the micro-biosensor (enzymatic, electro-catalytic or with electro-generated polymers) based on carbonaceous nano-structured materials (e.g.CNTs) for assessment of neurotransmitters; study of its voltammetric response characteristics and of analytical performances towards neurotransmitters;
(6) Development of a highly sensitive and selective method for detection neurotransmitters;
(7) Micro-biosensor data validation by standard analytical methods (e.g. chromatographic);
(8) Construction and commercialization of a micro-bisosensor prototype for neurotransmitters determination;
(9) Design and construction of a high throughput assay device, biochip and/or sensor network array, which can simultaneously probe for several biomakers (neurotransmitters) for neuro-psychiatric disorders;
(10) Clinical diagnosis and therapeutic treatments of the neuro-psychiatric diseases based on micro-biosensor results.