International Projects

1.FP6, Marie Curie network, ToK, Contract No. MTKD-CT-2004-517215, Biological and Microbial Fuel Cells, 2005-2008
2. NATO- ESP .EAP-RIG, Solid acid fuel cells a new clean source for power generation, 2006-2008
3.Program COST P12 (Univ. Rostock): Structuring of Polymers, 2004-2007
4.COST P527– Plasma Polymerization, 2004-2007
5.NATO- 974214-Carbon ceramic materials for engineering applications, 2000-2003
6.Joint cooperation: 3Nano-SAE Research Centre& Institut fur Oberflachen-und Dunnschichttechnik (IfOD), Hochschule Wismar, Germany;  New nanostructured polymeric membranes for electrochemical applications, 2004-2006
7.Cooperation: Memorandum Nr. 305/20feb 2005: 3Nano-SAE Research Centre-Univ. Varna- Univ Tech. Chisinau: Fuel cells and materials for components in fuel cells, 2005-2008