Research activities


Renewable & Alternative Energy sources

  • Solar fuel- Direct conversion: termosolar panels, solar concentrators, photovoltaic convertors
  • Mecano-kinetics converotrs: wind, waves, tides
  • Electrochemical convertors: fuel cells, bateries, supercapacitors
  • Fuels & Biofuels: hydrogen, ethanol/methanol,
  • Hydrogen storage
  • Phase change materials

Nanomaterials for energy conversion

  • Carbon nanotubes, nanocarbons, carbon fibers
  • Graphene, carbon xerogels, composites, organic-inorganic frames
  • Catalysts: PGM, Free Pt- catalysts
  • Ionomers for proton exchange membranes
  • Bioplastics, phase change materials
  • Materials for hydrogen storage



 Bioinspired & Bionanotechnologies

Synthesis & Processes

  • Plasma coating, plasma polymerization, plasma cleaning, spin-coating, electro- spinning, Dr Blade,
  • Arc discharge in submerged liquid,
  • Sol-gel, Ultrasonic reactors ( 1000W, 25KHz)
  • Microwave synthesis
  • Supercritical fluids ( CO2), high temperature high pressure reactors ( 500C, 400 bar)
  • Rapid prototyping ( 3D-printer, 3D scanner, Laser- processing, CNC machines


Project capacities CP15/2007, SERA
Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources: Equipments and facilities for research and development