Articole publicate în jurnale ISI:

Nr. Crt. Autori Titlu Jurnal
1. Alexandra M.I. Trefilov, Athanasios Tiliakos, Elena C. Serban, Catalin Ceaus, Stefan M. Iordache, Sanda Voinea, Adriana Balan


Carbon xerogel as gas diffusion layer in PEM fuel cells International Journal of Hydrogen Energy,


2. Athanasios Tiliakos, Alexandra M.I. Trefilov, Eugenia Tanasӑ, Adriana Balan, Ioan Stamatin


Space-Filling Supercapacitor Carpets: Highly scalable fractal architecture for energy storage Journal of Power Sources 2018

Participări la conferinţe internaţionale:

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1. Alexandra M. I. Trefilov, Athanasios Tiliakos, Adriana Balan, Eugeniu Vasile, Eugenia Vasile, Ioan Stamatin Carbon xerogels implemented as gas diffusion layer materials in PEM fuel cells 20th Romanian International Conference on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering- RICCE


2. Alexandra M.I. Trefilov, Laurentiu Popovici, Adriana E. Balan, Athanasios Tiliakos, Ioan Stamatin


Centrifuged metal-doped carbon xerogels for fuel cell applications E-MRS 2017 – Spring Meeting