Energy convertors, solar fuels, materials for energy convertors

1. Electrochemical energy convertors: fuel cells, batteries, supercapacitors

2. Photovoltaic convertors: plastic solar cells

3. Mecano-kinetics convertors: wind, waves

Fuel Cells

  • Metanol/ethanol – DMFC
  • Microbial and biofuel cells – BFC
  • Solid acid fuel cells – SAFC
  • Hydrogen sulfide fuel cells – HSFC


  • Advanced and nanostructured carbon materials (nanocarbons, nanotubes, exotic carbons-glitter, silicondicarbide, nanocomposites with polymer matrix, carbon-gels)
  • Electrospining: polymers-micro/nanofibers, Polimeri, filme carbonice
  • Polymeric films designed in thermo-centrifugal fields
  • Inorganic polymers, precursors for advanced ceramics
  • Nanobiotechnology: bionanocomposites for cells culture media, biosensors, Q-dots, biofuel cells, nanoparticles toxicology, mycotoxin detection.
  • Plasma polymerization: Nanocomposite films, polymers semiconductors
  • Polymers semiconductors and conductors