Mission & strategy

University research focuses on lab work which is effective in bringing ideas to proof-of-concept stage. The lab prototypes are far from ready operating in a demanding environment, consumer market. A key problem today is that Romanian universities are highly disconnected with industry except in a few rare cases.  The industrial actors come to the universities often to collect eminent students for a specific specialization and not for research leading to product for commercialization. Thousands of projects have high visibility by published papers, rarely finalized in prototypes for commercialization, in consequence poor return on R&D investment and society needs.

3Nano-SAE change the vision: Research driven by technical readiness levels focused on smart specialization


  1. Teaching & learning by doing research &innovation. Competencies by practice and exercise in field where need smart specialization
  2. Advanced masters, doctoral and postdoctoral programmes: to train a new generation of creative, entrepreneurial and innovative early-stage researchers, able to face current and future challenges and to convert knowledge and ideas into products and services for economic and social benefit.
  3. Doctoral &Postoctoral programmes:  extending the traditional academic research training setting, and equipping researchers with the right combination of research-related and transferable competences. It will provide enhanced career perspectives in both the academic and non-academic sectors through international, interdisciplinary and inter-sector mobility combined with an innovation-oriented mind-set.


  • All comes from SUN: Solar Fuel- solar radiation in interaction with matter is all what happened on Earth. How many energy converters  can be devised to get useful energy will improve our daily life and give independence
  • Transformative research:  researches that shift or break existing knowledge and move them to new innovations for society needs
  • Convergence:  physics-chemistry-biology- engineering, all together for eco- technologies, environment, life healthy, saving energy
  • Micro and nano in the conventional industries
  • High-level research  infrastructures (technological and characterization facilities) which allow direct or indirect access of industry members and young researchers to equipments and know-how