Staff &members

3Nano-SAE Research Center Staff and Members

Team Coordinators
  • Dr. Ioan Stamatin, professor at University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics
  • Dr Anton Alexandru Ciucu, professor at University of Bucharest, Faculty of Chemistry- Chemosensors/Biosensors

  1. Dr.Adriana Balan, Res, projects interoperability, coord for fuel cells & hydrogen storage
  2. Dr. Cornelia Nichita, Res (CS-I), nanobiomaterials, drugs delivery, molecular recognition
  3. Dr. Valentin Barna, Assoc prof, Res ( CS-II), Soft&metamaterials
  4. Dr.Stefan-Marian Iordache, Res , Coord: synthesis&nanomaterials applications in sensors
  5. Dr. Sanda Voinea, Res, SERA master, coordinator program
  6. Dr Eng George Zarnescu, Electronics& Engineering design
  7. Dr. Bogdan Dobrica, Res, Sensors,  cloud computing on green village, web master, e-learning , networking
  8. Dr. Athanasios Tiliakos, Laser inscribing, graphene, grapene oxide, supercap
  9. Dr. Serban N Stamatin, Res,  nanomaterials- photo & electrocatalyst
  10. Dr.Ana Cucu, Res Assist, microbial fuel cells
  11. Dr Ana-Maria Iordache, Res. Assist, sensors in food and VOC
  12. Dr Cristina Elena Serban, Res Assist.  fuel cells, electrocatalyst
  13. Dr Alexandra Maria Izabel Trefilov,  carbon-gels, fuel cells
  14. Dr Eduard Gatin, CS-III, Lecturer, biomaterials for dental applications
  15. Catalin Ceaus, Res. Assist, PhD carbon nanomaterials processing, supercritical fluids synthesis
  16. Laurentiu Popovici, Res. Assist, PhD, adm. labs,
  17. Valentin Garleanu, TDAs, rapid prototyping lab
  18. Eng MSc Mariana Ceaus-infrastructure manager

Associate Reseachers

  1. Dr. Elvis Oltean, Assoc. res,
  2. Dr. Mihaela Zaulet, Molecular Biology, Faculty of Biology-Bucharest,
  3. Dr. Radu Tamaian- Postdoc, 2014-2016, Biology

Visiting Professors/ co-advisors 

  • Prof Dr. Eden Mamut, University Ovidius Constanta / Black Sea University Network;
  • Prof Dr. Enrico Sciubba, Prof, Roma I University “La sapienza”
  • Prof Dr. Paul Berger, Prof, Ohio State University; Plastic Electronics
  • Prof Dr. Ashok Vaseashta, Prof, Institute for Advanced Science Convergence USA;International Clean Water Institute
  • Prof Dr. Keith Scott, Prof, New Castle upon Tyne University, UK; Fuel Cells, Electrochemistry
  • Prof Dr. Marion Wienecke, Prof., Hochschule Wismar, University of Technology, Business and Design, Germany; Fuel Cells, Nanomaterials
  • Prof Dr. Daniel Lowy, Naval Research Laboratory, Center for Bio/Molecular Science and Engineering, USA

Postdoctoral Students: 

PhD. Students: click here

Associate Researchers, Collaborators

  • Dr Mihnea Ionescu, Assist prof, Res, plasma technology, CVD synthesis, now in Canada
  • Dr. Silviu Grecu, Physicist, Polymer semiconductors , now in Germany
  • Dr. Dana Platon, Nanobiotechnology , now in USA
  • Dr. Gratiela Stoian, physics, now in USA
  • Dr. Adrian Ungureanu from Laval University Canada, now in Technical University Gh. Asachi Iassy
  • Dr. Liliana Pasare, Sen Res, membranes science, environmental technologies, PEM, Centre of membrane Science, Bucharest
  • Dr. Gimi Rimbu, Assoc Sen Res, fuel cells (ICPE-CA)